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Terms & Conditions


  • Deposits for "custom designed products" are not refundable once construction has commenced.
  • Holding deposits for stocked items are non-refundable
  • Deposits for powder coatings are non-refundable

Product Warranty
  • Products have a warranty of 12 months from date of purchase as shown on your invoice
  • All warranties are strictly return to base warranty
  • If required, we may have to remove your canopy to repair it
  • The customer must remove any aftermarket accessories (not fitted by Eureka Canopies) for a warranty claim, we will not be liable for any expense incurred due to this.
  • Cosmetic marks and general wear and tear are not covered
  • We will not cover any expense for transport or loss of work due to warranty repair
  • We will endeavor to repair the product in the quickest time frame possible
  • We will not cover any loss of any personal items due to a product failing
  • All warranty claims are in the form of a repair only
  • Failures from failed components are repairable or replaceable by us
  • We will not accept a third party repairing the product
  • Powder coating is a wear & tear item and not covered by warranty
  • A warranty claim may be declined if the product has been misused
  • Canopies are to be installed 150 x 150mm in from the corners.
  • We recommend rubber mat be placed under the canopy.
  • Canopies must be installed directly to the vehicles tray OR with a rubber mat that covers the entire surface area, no other packing materials should be used.
  • Warranty may be void if installation in incorrect.
  • Jack off clamps should be checked before every trip to ensure they are securely fastened.
  • Jack off clamps are not for off road use.
  • Roof top tents are prone to mould when wet, especially enclosed hard lid tents. If tent is not 100% dry when closed it may get mouldy. It is the customers duty of care to ensure the tent is fully dry before closing. Mould issues are not covered under warranty.

If a problem occurs with your purchase, please bring the product in immediately for assessment. We will not be liable for further damage from continued use after the issue has occurred and continued to be used.

All warranty claims are to be submitted via email ( please send through your receipt and photos of the issue and your contact number, we will be in contact at our earliest convenience to arrange assessment.

Vehicle Accessory Removal Policy

Prior to installation, it is advised that you remove any accessories from your vehicle. If requested, Eureka can assist in the removal of these items, however; we cannot be held liable for any damage incurred during the process. Please note that we are unable to provide storage for removed accessories. Any items left uncollected for more than 5 days after vehicle pickup will be disposed of without prior notification.